About Me

Luiz H. Bitteti

digital analytics specialist

I have extensive experience in data - collecting, quality assurance, extract and reporting - with the most advanced tracking tools in the market.

My experiences range from building the whole project, since choosing the right tool to present to the final customer:

1) Choosing tool(s)
2) Define scope, KPI's and goals
3) Implement advanced tracking, connected with customer DWH
4) Data Quality Assurance
5) Extract Data
6) Build Reports
7) Analyse and collect new ideas/insights
8) Improve and repeat

It's important to build a good connection between IT, Marketing, BI and Product departments to have a common sense on the most important KPI's and goals. I believe this is Web Analytics job and I can lead that.

my expertise

I don't know how to decide these numbers =) But if you want more details, click sub-menus inside Skills.


Advanced implementations, working also with Tag Manager


Monthly reports with improvement recommendations


Campaign creation focused on performance and ROI


Continuously improvements


Website development with UX, tracking and SEO


Ads, insights and reports


now Jul, 2016


Senior Web Analyst
Jun, 2016 Feb, 2016

digital economics PTB UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)

Senior Digital Analytics Consultant
Jan, 2016 Sep, 2014


Senior Digital Marketing Analyst
Sep, 2014 Mar, 2013


Digital Marketing Specialist

Freelancer for Digital Marketing campaigns, SEO, tracking and business intelligence reports, web development, etc.

Apr, 2014 Oct, 2013

Career Foundry Berlin


Teaching Digital Marketing, specially data-driven marketing mostly for Startup owners and students in the beginning of their careers.

Mar, 2013 Feb, 2012

Digital Analytics Committee IAB Brasil


Within the Digital Analytics committee, responsible for publicizing the web marketing career for students and professionals through workshops. Monitor of Digital Analytics course on ESPM (Best School in Brasil for Marketers).

Oct, 2012 Oct, 2011

DDB Brazil

Business Intelligence Coordinator for Digital Analytics and Search Strategies

Definition/negotiation of price and budget share, hiring and training new employees, restructure and coordination of Digital Analytics department, campaign analysis, responsible for the process of reporting and tracking (sites/hotsites/mobile apps/social media). Clients: C&A, Terra (Telefonica Group), Itau (biggest Brazilian bank), Whirlpool, TAM Viagens (tourism), etc.

Sep, 2011 Jan, 2009

dp6 (digital marketing consulting)

Analyst for Web Analytics, Search Engine Marketing (SEO + Sponsored links)

Reporting, SEO management, PPC campaign creation and advanced tracking with tools like Google Analytics (and other Google Tools) and Omniture, for clients and agencies like Philips, Coca-Cola, Nokia, Volkswagen, Terramundi (tourism agency), AlmapBBDO, JWT, Click Isobar and many Startups.

Dec, 2008 Jul, 2007

Itau (biggest brazilian bank)

Business Intelligence Internship

Making plans and presentations (Microsoft Office Package) for our directors


Some clients I've worked with or without freelancing:

  • volkswagen
  • c&a
  • dm9
  • philips
  • jacomparou
  • whirlpool
  • tam-viagens
  • terramundi
  • terra
  • natura
  • padariabarcelona
  • crieeventos
  • getninjas
  • nesquik
  • alor
  • coca-cola

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Berlin/Germany - Sao Paulo/Brazil

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