I’m working with advanced tracking for Start-Ups, always using what is newest in the market.

If you are beginner, please follow this link to better understand the importance of having a data collection tool for your marketing needs. There are several other tools, but I’m focused on Google Analytics because is widely used in the market.

Do you know what your customers are doing on your website? What is their behaviour? What are they looking for? If they had problems? Who are them?

Tools like Google Analytics answers these and many other questions. You can integrate it with your own database to have a full understanding of your current situation. Only with the default implementation you often don’t have access to valuable information. Moreover, with the help of an expert you can trust the data received and configure reports to suit your needs.

If you do advertise, it’s important to understand what is working and where to invest more or reduce expenses. Why bringing visitors to your website if they don’t convert?

For ecommerces, the help of an expert is crucial. You must receive all sales data properly and be able to extract them. Even if you already have this data in your system, it’as important to connect the information of your targeted audience and their experience on the website, in order to always improve.